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Kurt Van Eeghem
Kurt Van Eeghem
Kurt Van Eeghem

Kurt Van Eeghem

Kurt Van Eeghem is a Flemish television and radio presenter, all-round performer, moderator and discussion leader. He started his television career in 1980 and shone as presenter of the successful quiz 'Namen Noemen' and later 'De Drie Wijzen'. He is also the author of the novel 'Olaf Leeft' (Olaf Lives), 'Kurtoisie' (a book about etiquette), 'Schone Kunsten' (Fine Arts) and 'Lithuania, in search of the unknown'. He also teaches aesthetics and interview techniques at the Antwerp Conservatory.

Kurt Van Eeghem is a much sought-after moderator, presenter and discussion leader for all kinds of clients from the business and cultural world.

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  • "We are very satisfied with the content of the session and the presentation by Kurt Van Eeghem. I have already become a big fan of his style and approach and will therefore recommend him wholeheartedly to my colleagues for future events. Thank you for the fine cooperation!"

    Gude Verhaert, Project Manager, Kluwer

  • "Kurt Van Eeghem gave his presentation on 'Courtesy Communication' at our statutory meeting. The board was very enthusiastic. As always, Kurt proves himself worthy of the name Top Speaker. For myself, the board and our guests, he made this important evening a pleasant one. We are grateful to Kurt."

    Herman Dankers, secretary Fifty One Club, Herentals

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