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Tim Verheyden
Tim Verheyden

Tim Verheyden

Tim Verheyden is a reporter at VRT NWS for Pano and Canvas, among others. He focuses on stories about the influence of technology on us as humans and society. For Pano he made the revealing reportage about "Shield & Friends" and recently about the influence of fake news and social media.

Tim Verheyden made his mark as a journalist and presenter at TV Limburg and later at the Flemish Media Company as a reporter for the magazine Telefacts. In April 2012 he joined the VRT news service where he worked for the news and as a reporter and presenter of the program 'Koppen'. There he made a strong impression with the compelling documentary 'Made in Bangladesh' about the working conditions of textile workers in this low-wage country.

Tim Verheyden is a talented presenter and keynote speaker. In October 2014 his book 'How To Story' (on storytelling) was published by Lannoo Campus.

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  • "Everything went very well. It was a very interesting presentation and Tim does it in a very accessible way. The participants were very positive and also actively participated in the Q&A. Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation. I am looking forward to repeating this in the future."

    Sara Weerts, Coordinator PXL

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