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How do you ensure that your message is clear and sticks? Which techniques can be used to reinforce your story visually and non-verbally? How can you present convincingly and with impact to customers, management or colleagues during a meeting? In this fascinating keynote you will learn how to adapt your presentation to different types of audience and what that means for your PowerPoint.

Often we see gifted speakers fail completely at the hands of a mass of overloaded, boring PowerPoint slides. Presentations with complicated graphs, garish colours, faulty fonts, useless animations and uninspiring visuals not only detract from your story, they also cause your audience to disengage completely. Can you do better? Yes you can! In this hands-on workshop you will learn how to design engaging presentations with powerful content, a strong story and the right slides.

PowerPoint is one of the most misused tools in the world. But it can also be done differently. In this fascinating lecture, you will be given concrete tips and techniques for delivering a captivating presentation with or without using PowerPoint.

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