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Andrea Croonenberghs

Andrea Croonenberghs

Andrea has gained a lot of experience as a presenter over the past 25 years. She has already done more than 100 company presentations for very different sectors. One day she is presenting the 'Pig Producers Congress', the next day she is filming for the Social Economy Department.

Besides being a presenter, she is also a valued moderator. Sometimes companies choose to have a panel discussion, where professionals give their opinion and debate about it. Andrea moderates these kinds of discussions. Thanks to her broadcasting work, she has extensive experience and knowledge.

Andrea usually presents in Dutch, French and English, but can also speak German. She takes her time to carefully prepare the presentation. Andrea also helps to steer the event in the right direction on the day itself. A conference or annual meeting is a stressful event for an organisation. As a moderator or presenter, Andrea is focused and meticulous, with an eye for detail and timing.

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