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How to lay the foundations for an (almost) carefree life and a (substantial) piggy bank.

There is a first time for everything. This also applies to financial matters. Just think of your first savings account (is it still worth anything?), your first salary (how do you negotiate and what do you do with it?), your first tax return (what do you need to pay attention to?), your biggest purchase, a house (or should I rent first?), your first steady partner (what arrangements do you make?), your first child (what does that little one cost and bring in?), your first steps on the stock market (or should I rather use bitcoins?), and so on.

This lecture is based on the book 'Investing in the first half of your life', which Michaël Van Droogenbroeck and Ewald Pironet wrote together and which is available from 13/09/'21.

In this easy-to-read and well-documented book, Ewald Pironet and Michaël Van Droogenbroeck bundle all the information they need to organise your financial life. Because wealth building starts at an early age. Practical and concrete, with clear principles and eloquent testimonials from well-known Flemings. An essential guide for those who want to invest wisely in the first half of their lives.

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