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How to be great speaker

How to be great speaker

An exceptional keynote speaker feels in good spirits when giving a presentation and build trust and credibility. The audience should feel that the keynote speaker is speaking to them as if they were friends or family.

Excellent keynote speakers know that they need to create a sense of connection with the audience, often using humor as a liaison.

Herewith some qualities of successful keynote speakers:

They have purpose and the overall importance of the event in mind. It may seem obvious, but all too often keynote speakers are more interested in selling themselves and their brand, rather than really contributing to the specific event. Make sure you select a speaker who is committed to your cause and who truly succeeds in inspiring the audience.

The best keynote speakers also know how to address their audience right away. Good speakers can expertly build a positive rapport with their audience while making their credibility clear, which adds power and clarity to the message of their speech and of your event.

They have a good sense of humor and entertainment. Humor is often a central ingredient in many successful keynote speeches, and a good speaker can know how to use it effectively. They strike a perfect balance in their tone, between entertaining and informative.

Strong keynote speakers tell real stories that make the speech personal. By using personal stories and anecdotes, a good speaker gains the trust and sympathy of the audience. Keynote speakers with these qualities are guaranteed to add value to any event.

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