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Luc Milio

Luc Milio

Luc Milio studied communication and advertising and has been a regular on Radio 2 (VRT), the most popular radio station in Flanders, for more than 30 years. A trusted news voice, he likes to get to the point in political, economic and social reports, feels involved with human stories and reacts ad rem in live situations. His cultural contributions can be peppered or blunted, but always with a wink to put things in perspective.

From Bono to Pavarotti, from Mister Bean to Dame Edna, from Paul de Leeuw to Tommy Hilfiger, Justin Bieber, political tenors, big names from the business world, social heavyweights...he brings them all before his unpredictable microphone: in the intimacy of a radio studio and extrovertly on stage. With style but unforced, engaging but to the point.

Luc Milio is also the perfect voice for company reportages and videos.

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